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As FC 25 Coins approaches release, the Ultimate Team mode in EA FC 24 has received mixed reviews. Here are five changes I would like to see implemented in the new game:

Collection Book for Duplicates:One of the most frustrating aspects of Ultimate Team in EA FC 24 has been the abundance of duplicate players and items in packs. While duplicates are inevitable, the current system of just sending them to the club or discarding them feels like a wasted opportunity. In EA FC 25, I'd love to see the introduction of a "Collection Book" feature, where players can store their duplicate items. This could serve as a library of all the cards collected, with the ability to view stats, chemistry, and even exchange duplicates for valuable rewards like coins, packs, or special player items. This would help reduce clutter in the club and give players a sense of progression as they fill out their collection.

Icon Managers:Another area that could use improvement is the way icons and legends are handled. In the current game, icons are treated like any other player, with their own individual chemistry links and stats. I think it would be better if players could unlock "Icon Managers" - special cards that would provide unique chemistry boosts and abilities to icons in their squad. This would add more depth and customization to building squads around iconic players.

Infinite Rewards:I'd love to see the introduction of an "Infinite Rewards" system in EA FC 25, where players can continuously earn rewards for completing certain tasks or objectives. This could take the form of a weekly or daily challenge system, where players can earn coins, packs, or special player items for completing matches, scoring goals, or achieving other in-game milestones. This would give players a sense of constant progression and keep them engaged with the mode for longer.

Reward Wins for Quitting When Drawing:In EA FC 25, I'd like to see a system where players are rewarded for completing matches, even if they end in a draw. This could take the form of a small reward (such as a pack or some coins) for every match that is completed, regardless of the final score. Additionally, players who quit a match before it's finished should be penalized, such as a temporary matchmaking ban or a reduction in their rewards for that session. This would incentivize players to stick with their matches and provide a more enjoyable and rewarding experience.

The Ultimate Grind - One End-Game Evolution:Finally, I'd love to see the introduction of a single, ultimate end-game Evolution card that players can work towards in EA FC 25. This card could be the culmination of all the Evolutions in the game, combining the best attributes and abilities of multiple players into a single, super-powered card. Unlocking and upgrading this card would require a significant investment of time and resources, but the payoff would be a truly unique and powerful card that would set the player apart from the rest of the Ultimate Team community. This would give players a clear and compelling long-term goal to work towards.

Implementing these changes in EA FC 25 would go a long way towards improving the Ultimate Team experience and addressing the pain points of the previous game. By introducing new features and buy Fut 25 Coins innovative ideas, the mode could become even more engaging and rewarding for players.
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