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Diablo 4 is officially Blizzard's fastest-selling game of Diablo 4 Items all time.

Earlier today on June 6, on the very day that Diablo 4 launches in full around the world, Blizzard announced it was officially the fastest-selling Blizzard game of all time. In just four days, Diablo 4 has grossed the "highest pre-launch unit sales ever on both console and PC."

The fires of Hell burn bright ??#DiabloIV is the fastest selling Blizzard game of all-time. 6, 2023

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Diablo 4 has been played for a grand total of 93 million hours, Blizzard boasts in the new announcement. However, the company isn't actually saying how many copies Diablo 4 has sold around the world on all platforms, so we're sort of left in the dark as to the finer details of this achievement.

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