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If you are burning all of the RS3 articles in"30 days game time" then that is a personal issue. There is plenty of content to occupy yourself with in RS3.Sure, however not all that content is worth touching. It is possible to skip fishing 90 percent of the fish at the sport while leveling and be fine as an example. The ultimate objective is to max, and with this being easier than ever, a lot of people become bored with their post-max goals that are random grinds and depart until fresh content comes out.If how you play the game causes you to be maxed in under 30 days of drama and leaves your bored, play a different manner. I have three abilities I'm working toward max on with any kind of focus, but I've done a lot of random shit because I wished to (e.g. fighting the Giant Mole at battle 115) plus it had been fun. The max guild is your end-goal, sure, but you ought to be attempting to fit as much enjoyment into the travel there as possible. That you are ignoring opportunities to achieve this in the name of efficacy is your own fault.

You don't have to, however you still can. There's a large difference in performing content since it's efficient vs because it's enjoyable, and most high efficient methods are not fun to do because it's boring/click intensive/costs gp/etc. No, I do not have to fish shrimps, but suppose I like to make money while I'm skilling? Imagine if I really enjoy Fishing Trawler? Imagine if I enjoy things in this game which are there, but are not that effective to perform compared to other methods? There are loads of strategies to go around maxing, and should you would like to do it in 720 hours, go ahead. But I can imagine a new player not being interested of enjoying the game, but instead be interested in that what makes people stick for the game.

I've done Giant Mole in the past with some IRL friends, they loved it a great deal. Could it be the most efficient way to make money/gain xp? No, not for me personally with my accounts that is maxed and not because of their low level accounts, but we're having a fantastic time and that is what matters. I get the impression that you don't know that content is well worth doing even if it is not the most efficient way of doing this, that it is still worth doing because it is fun. Regrettably a mindset that a lot of veteran players have, and it is definitely a portion of RS3's issues. I wish jagex would concentrate more on the part of the game, particularly now being close to discharge. That they'd make content that is not as efficient, but would make newer players stay around and get a taste of what we enjoy. Like a mini droplog, or something which will be efficiently killed with a level 3 accounts that will drop a pet or a title or something.

RS3 looks interested in pushing out these enormous, but shallow upgrades that are intended to take months to"complete," while offering very little real content. Unless you are going to get cape there is really no reason after seeing everything for the first time to interact with it. And that is really a shame, since areas such as Menaphos and The Arc are all beautiful, but finally dead content since they weren't made for participant retention beyond the time gating some minor benefits.

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