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Many users in the community said that with the release of the new expansion of Path of Exile Delirium, many new players have joined the game. As long as the game continues to run smoothly, it will always attract more new users. As a free ARPG, Path of Exile has become one of the most fun PC games with its excellent game quality and rich POE Items and interesting game mechanics. It has nearly 240,000 parallel players on the day after the new expansion was released.

The core of POE is character customization. Each player can create unique builds according to their own needs. This mainly depends on the combination of hundreds of active skill gems in the game, support gems, and complex passive skill trees. However, for new players, too many choices mean confusion, and it is difficult for them to find the one that suits them best among many skills. If you are also a new player, don't worry, this guide lists some of the best skills for you. The best way to master POE skills is to learn in stages. After you have a better understanding of the skills in the game, you can continue to study the relevant knowledge of POE armor.

Herald of Ash
This skill won't deal any damage in-of itself, acting more like a buff on your own than a main ability. Don't let that fool yourself how powerful this skill is, however.
Herald of Ash grants you 15% of the physical damage as extra fire damage, granting a tremendous amount of bonus damage for many attack-based builds. It also scales fire damage from spells if you happen to aren't using melee. The best part of Herald of Ash is its on-kill effect. When an enemy dies even though this is active, they explode, dealing overkill injury to everyone in the radius. If your build does many damage but has lackluster clearing potential, this herald can single-handedly fix that.

Blade Vortex
While the name would signify this is an attack skill, Blade Vortex is really a spell that summons ethereal blades that swarm the caster.
These blades can stack along with each other to manage additional damage, attack faster, and also provide additional critical chance. Since Blade Vortex is usually a spell, support gems like Cast of Critical Strike enables Blade Vortex to activate from another close-ranged attack skill like Cyclone. When along with Ascendencies just like the Shadow's Assassin subclass, Blade Vortex can be a powerful ability for virtually any build.

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