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The tents for the gold wow classic moon fair will be set up in WoW Classic on February 7th. The event starts on February 10th. Cards can be grabbed by you in the card set from February 5th on supervisors and opponents. And: As of now Blackhand's Command for your Blackwing Lair is accessible. The details can be found by you under this link in the wow classic gold Classic forum. We keep you up. WoW Classic has been available for PC.

WoW Classic: Blizzard listens to players and enhances on Alterac Valley

The team is responding to the most recent criticism from the fans and especially wishes to suppress the"dishonorable" behaviour of a few players. Adjustments are also planned for the PvP battle queues.

Since the coming of the PvP battlefields in buy classic wow gold, there has been a good deal of criticism from fans after the initial euphoria. These complained, among other things, about the"dishonorable" behavior of several players, particularly at Alterac Valley, that were constantly lying in wait for members of the opposing faction in their cemetery. Additionally, the present queue limitations are not particularly popular. Blizzard Entertainment has now responded to this.
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