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The main reason to consider manufacturing in China is almost always lower manufacturing costs. Especially for mass market products, lower production costs means you have enough supply to maintain market competitiveness. Some companies also choose to outsource to manufacturing plants in China to streamline distribution to other countries. If the manufacturing process is handled properly elsewhere, your company can focus its resources on the development of future products.

The following is a detailed description of the biggest advantages of Chinese manufacturing.

1. Reduce production costs
Working with a manufacturing facility in China means you can reduce production costs without reducing production. So far, this is the main reason why American companies and entrepreneurs endure manufacturing disadvantages on the other side of the world.

Made in China
2. Get high yield in less time
Some domestic plants in the United States have limited capacity and time, but their Chinese counterparts have never had this. Cheap labor costs once again play a vital role in this regard. You can hire more people to complete on-demand production for less money than home facilities. Low labor costs in China certainly have ethical considerations, but not all facilities are exploitative. Do your due diligence.

3. Easy market expansion opportunities
When you own a product made in China, you will most likely also be able to sell the product to the local market. In fact, companies that outsource production do more than just oversee the production process. They follow up by establishing supply chains and local marketing activities. They hire local employees and buy equipment to support their businesses.

The biggest caveat of all of this is that overseas manufacturing usually only makes sense if you are dealing with very large production volumes. China's manufacturing industry also has many disadvantages, which can only be remedied when you use bulk ordering. Depending on the type of product you plan to produce, overseas outsourcing may not be a viable option at all. Weigh the advantages of cheap labor with the following major disadvantages:
1. Find a factory
The first challenge was the difficulty in finding the right factory willing to make the product. Developing relationships with facilities on the other side of the planet requires extra effort.

It is important that you do your due diligence here, not only to know that you will get good service, but also to ensure that the facility you are considering is reliable and comprehensive. If possible, you should make at least one trip to visit them in person.

In the worst case, this situation is much more common than you think. The factory will agree to accept your order, but since they usually process millions of orders, you have hardly registered on their radar and your product orders have been delayed and ignored.

2. Language difficulty
China is open to international trade, but that doesn't mean everyone is proficient in English, and you may not know much Mandarin or Cantonese. Hiring translators can make the business smoother from the initial negotiation to the production process. You need to discuss many things with your Chinese partner and therefore need translation. However, this is the cost of the labor cost you need to weigh against.

3. Shipping
Shipping can be a real pain. Shipping from China means packing your product and putting it on a cargo ship and shipping it worldwide. This results in longer delivery times and substantial shipping costs. These fees may vary depending on your distribution network. What to do with items once they arrive in the United States is also an important consideration.

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