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I don't like how the 100% 10 key chance tricks people into thinking runescape 3 gold overlooked another black gem rarity thing, such as the 100mil or darkness gem items. Why are 10 treasure hunter secrets a black gem thing in the event the opportunity to receive them is 100 percent on your initial key for the marketing? I really don't like how it's given to you as 100% with the beginning of this promotion yet it's not suggested in any way in the'perspective probabilities' display. As if anybody actually needed proof that you shouldn't be expecting whatever probabilities they tell youpersonally, but hey. Bears repeating. Some individuals really are not aware of that.

I believe that the criticism is much more about the manipulative nature of it rather then the truth it is"free keys". It's a frequent strategy referred to as"the very first ones free" in which you give somebody a free hit on something that you know can be considered addictive so as to get the ball rolling in hopes they will spend more. While lots of us understand the keys that are free are a drop because of events that are past. You will find people STILL who don't and presume they have super lucky. And people who have gambling addictions will 100 percent chase that winners high despite the fact that they basically won nothing.

Especally when this voucher has always worked like this, such a weird complaint tbh. They always provide you thats the best prize, and honestly 10thk first roster. Why would I want darts or gp when I really could win a 10 more secrets and keep going? Employ the"keep going" logic to someone addicted to TH and spending IRL money on it. Doesn't seem to me to be an ethical thing. There's a reason why over 90% of MTX revenue comes from less than 10% of the participant base.If you remove the junkies, then the price goes up significantly or the match shuts down. You are able to spew that"ethical" shit whatever you need, but without that, you do not have a game to play.

Well if MTX is so important and sub prices are useless afterward I don't see what's stopping Jagex from getting rid of sub prices for RS3 and let the whales pay for conducting the game to buy RuneScape gold like almost all MMOs these days. Mandatory subscriptions are a thing of the past, GW2 and ESO ditched concealing game content supporting a monthly paywall to get MTX.Half the income for RS3 stems from subscribers. Sub fees aren't unworthy, but MTX is also definitely assisting the match. It'd be absurd for Jagex to make the decision to cut RS3's earnings in half (this goes for eliminating MTX or subscriptions).
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