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There are several recipes which gold wow classic are faction-exclusive, but this is just one that's attached to some pursuit of the same name a needs an ingredient which Alliance players can easily purchase in Stormwind provided they could discover the elusive seller. You can find the quest from Chef Graul in Darkshire and your benefit is a recipe for this dish that is succulent. If you do not need to learn the recipe, you may sell it on the auction house. Make a Horde player happy and market it on the neutral auction house, as that's the only way a player from the opposing faction could learn this recipe.

Cats, in general, are limited to Alliance'toons, together with the evasive Swift Zulian Tiger being the cat. The Alliance faction is chosen by gamers for this purpose and nothing else. It entails a long grind, of rep and questing, in the high-level zone of Winterspring, where the elusive cats call home. It is most definitely among the mounts from the game and you can just get it when you're in your 50s, so much better roster that Alliance'toon and get started.

In another shout-out to our RPers and dream enthusiasts, if you're hoping to ride across Duskwood's shady streets then you have to roster Alliance. There are different colours of horses, also, and that means that you may have a white steed or a tall bay.

This is the Humans' mount, therefore in the buy wow classic gold event that you roll a Human but additional Alliance races may ride horses it helps. There's just a more coin necessary for the coaching and time needed for grinding sufficient rep. Paladins have a class bracket that is a Warhorse and an epic horse mount, the Charger.
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